Le Parlour: Ingrown Hair Laser Specialist NYC

Le Parlour: Ingrown Hair Laser Specialist NYC

Le Parlour: Ingrown Hair Laser Specialist NYC

What Are Ingrown Hairs?

So, what are ingrown hairs? And what causes them?

The deal with ingrown hairs is this:

You know how traditional methods of hair removal, such as shaving, and waxing involve cutting the surface layer off? Well, those sharp blades just don’t get into every last follicle deep enough. And since there’s so much dead skin in our faces nowadays (sidebar alert!), we end up having more growth than planned on top – explaining why you’ll need another “shave” after only a day or two!

Some hairs become ingrown and grow back into the body, causing the surface of the skin to swell causing a pimple and can be painful!

Ingrown hairs can happen anywhere on the body. People with bushy or thick hair tend to experience ingrown hair on scalp the most. However almost everyone gets one ingrown hair in their lifetime.

Ingrown hairs are irritating and itchy can cause pus-filled bumps called pustules & can be painful. In some cases, they can cause a deep and painful infection under the skin.

Healthy skin vs. ingrown hair comparison

How to Prevent Ingrown Hairs

  • Ingrown hairs are the bane of many people’s existence. These pesky little hairs can crop up anywhere on your body where you have hair, from your armpits to your bikini line and they can be extremely painful. Laser hair removal is often touted as a way to prevent ingrown hairs, laser hair removal will prevent the ingrown hairs from returning but only in the area where you have had the laser hair removal treatments! But unless you’re planning on getting laser treatment over your entire body, you’re still at risk of getting them in other areas.
  • The good news is that there are some things you can do to help prevent ingrown hairs from forming in the first place. First, make sure you’re using a sharp razor when shaving. Dull blades can cause irritation and won’t give you a close shave, which can lead to ingrown hairs. Second, try not to shave too often. Always shave in the right direction!
  • Shaving every day can irritate your skin and make you more susceptible to ingrown hairs. Finally, exfoliate regularly. This will help to remove dead skin cells and prevent them from clogging up your pores and trapping hair underneath the skin. If you do end up with ingrown hair, don’t panic.
  • There are a few simple home remedies that can help to soothe the pain and inflammation. So next time you’re dealing with annoying ingrown hair, remember that there are things you can do to prevent them from happening again in the future.
  • It’s essential to use an exfoliator wherever hair grows. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells from the outer layer of the skin. And it’s those dead skin cells that cause the hair to get clogged in the first place.
Irritated skin

How to Get Rid of Ingrown Hairs

Shaving, waxing, and plucking are an unfortunate part of life. But most of us must do these things on a regular basis.

And with those proven methods of hair removal comes one pesky side effect: ingrown hairs.

Ingrown hairs can be unsightly and painful, but the good news is that there are some practical ways to treat them and prevent them from returning.

Ready to rid yourself of ingrown hairs forever? Start with laser hair removal @ Le Parlour NYC

What Causes Ingrown Hairs?

The growth & grooming of the scalp, face, ear, eyebrow, or body anywhere that there is hair can lead to ingrown hairs, and this is more likely for those with curly or bushy hair. Laser hair removal experts believe that old school removal methods that use ingrown hair removal tools that literally pull the ingrown hair from the follicles & using ingrown hair tweezers that dig out the ingrown hair can create a bigger problem and can increase the risk for more serious abnormal growth! Hair growth patterns and hair type characteristics could also be the cause. Curly or coarse hairs may provoke reentry into the skin during the growing-in phase causing an ingrown hair!

Is it bad to pull out ingrown hairs?

Le Parlour Laser Spa NYC advises clients to never to pull, pluck or use tweezers on an ingrown hair. That’s because the skin around the affected hair follicle is inflamed and at risk for infection. In the event the ingrown hair has caused a pustule, fluid-filled cyst, there could already be a slight infection happening. Trying to remove by pulling the ingrown hair, or even shaving in the area, can & will increase the risks associated with infection, including hyperpigmentation and scarring. The best thing to do for ingrown hair is to consult with a laser specialist.

Laser hair removal is a proven quick and effective way to remove ingrown hairs from anywhere on the face, scalp & body. Laser hair removal changes the cycle of hair growth & interrupts hair follicles after the very first treatment, the symptoms of the ingrown hair will start to get better within a few days to a week of the initial ingrown hair laser removal session.

Woman plucking an ingrown hair on her leg

Common Skin Areas Affected by Ingrown Hairs

Men and women can both have ingrown hairs, however, they have them in different places. Men tend to get ingrown hairs on the armpit, arms, stomach, chin, cheeks, and neck & pubic. Men who shave their head or other areas of the body may also see ingrown hairs in these places. Women may get ingrown hairs in the face, nose, eyebrows, chin, neck, the armpits, bikini area, vaginal, butt, inner thigh.

What Are Ingrown Vaginal Hairs?

Ingrown vaginal hairs occur when the hair grows back into the skin, not to the surface. Most often, vaginal hair that is shaved, waxed, or plucked will grow back through the skin and toward the surface. When an ingrown vaginal hair develops, you may notice small, round bumps called papules or small, pus-filled bumps called pustules. In some cases, the skin around the ingrown hair typically becomes darker. This is known as hyperpigmentation. You may also experience pain or itching around the area of the ingrown vaginal lip hair. Call Le Parlour and schedule laser treatment immediately!

Cost to remove ingrown hairs by laser?

“Individual treatment session costs are generally in the range of $100 to $800.” In 2020, the average cost of laser hair removal with no other related expenses was $389, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Woman receiving laser hair removal

Symptoms of Ingrown Hairs

  • Tiny swollen bumps where you shave, tweeze or wax
  • Itching of the skin
  • Pain around the skin, (burning & stinging)
  • Redness or other hyperpigmentation
  • Papules, which are small, solid bumps
  • Pustules, or small bumps filled with fluid
  • Hair in the shape of a loop-Ingrown hairs embedded beneath the skin

Are ingrown hairs painful?

Anyone who has ever had an ingrown hair knows that they are not only annoying, but also incredibly painful. But why exactly are ingrown hairs so painful? Part of the answer has to do with the structure of hair follicles. Hair follicles are curved, and when a hair is cut or shaved, the sharp edges can cause the hair to grow back into the skin. This can lead to inflammation, redness, and pain. In some cases, the inflammation can become so severe that it leads to infection. So next time you find yourself suffering from an ingrown hair, remember that you’re not alone – and that there’s a reason why it hurts so much! No need to worry Le Parlour laser spa has your back we can quickly destroy any ingrown hair anywhere on your face, scalp & body and the painful inflammation all around it!

What happens if I don’t treat my ingrown hair?

So, you’ve got an ingrown hair. Maybe you’re not quite sure how it got there, but nevertheless, it’s there. And it’s angry. You’re probably wondering what will happen if you just leave it be. After all, it’s not like it’s going anywhere, right? Wrong. If you don’t treat your ingrown hair, a few things could happen. First of all, the area around the ingrown hair could become inflamed and red & eventually infected. You might also start to see some pus or even blood. In severe cases, the ingrown hair could cause an abscess, which is a pocket of pus that forms under the skin. So, while it might not seem like a big deal, untreated ingrown hair can lead to some serious problems. So, if you’ve got one, it’s best to take care of it as soon as possible.

How to prevent ingrown hairs after waxing?

Regularly exfoliating the areas, you get waxed will strip away dead skin cells and prevent clogged pores and ingrown hair. As a best practice, you should exfoliate the areas that will be waxed at least two days before and three days after your appointment.

Woman receiving a wax treatment on her underarms

How to prepare For Ingrown Laser Hair Removal

It’s straightforward the steps that need to be taken before laser hair removal. Depending on our discussion & findings during your initial laser consultation, we may suggest that you:

  • Remember to shave
  • Be bare skinned for treatment
  • Avoid sun exposure and excessive tanning
  • Avoid smoking while going through treatment
  • Stop waxing and plucking before laser hair removal treatment.
  • Avoid certain supplements, anti-inflammatory medications, and aspirin
  • Double check your medications

Who is a Good Candidate for Ingrown Hair laser Removal?

Anybody who is experiencing continuous recurrent ingrown hairs may be a good candidate for laser hair removal. Ingrown hair removal by laser will help achieve long-term results because laser energy completely disables hair follicles, so they are no longer productive & healthy. Where there is no hair growing out, there are no ingrown hairs. Ingrown hair removal treatment by laser may be necessary if the ingrown hair does not break away on its own and is continuing to cause uncomfortable & painful symptoms or infection. Sometimes in infected cases a dermatologist may need to treat this condition with antibiotics or by surgery removing the troublesome hair.

What Treatment Options are Available for Ingrown Hairs?

Laser hair removal is a systematic method of treating unwanted hair to achieve semi-permanent results. Most people who choose this technique no longer require grooming to get rid of hair. However, stray hairs may grow back occasionally. Depending on the extent of recurrent hair growth, touch up treatments may be performed periodically.

If you’re tired of dealing with ingrown hairs, then laser hair removal might be for you. This semi-permanent solution can help you achieve smooth, hair-free skin with minimal upkeep. This treatment uses concentrated light to target and destroy hair follicles, resulting in long-term reduction of hair growth.

Just think: no more waxing, shaving, or plucking! However, it’s important to note that you may still experience the occasional stray hair. But don’t worry – touch up treatments can help keep those pesky hairs at bay. Whether you’re looking to get rid of hair on your chin or bikini line, laser hair removal can help you achieve the long-lasting results you desire. How do you get rid of dark skin from ingrown hairs?

How to Get Rid of the Dark Marks Left Behind by Ingrown Hairs

Use products that accelerate cell turnover to help disperse pigment from the skin’s surface. Vitamin A, mandelic acid, lactic acid, and glycolic acid are good choices. Pair these with brightening ingredients like vitamin C, kojic acid, or hydroquinone.

Best ingrown hair treatment for black skin?

Bring your skin back to life with Le Parlour NYC Laser Spa Services! Our top of the line technology can help treat ingrown hairs reduce lines, tighten your pores, clear up acne and even help with various skin conditions. We offer private consultations and spa sessions so you can relax! With 18 years of experience using laser technology, our technician will fine-tune the laser for your skin type. The Cynosure laser technology we use is approved for all skin tones for our facial & acne  skin care. For new customers, you’ll receive a FREE laser session with purchase of a package! Free Consultation today to learn more.

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Choose Your Skin Laser Specialist with Care

Although the laser hair removal procedure is straightforward, it will pay you to carefully research who you use to perform the procedure. Lasers, although relatively simple to use, can be misused by inexperienced laser specialists. You risk not only having to repeat the procedure more than necessary but also unnecessary irritation, burns or even scarring in the hands of inexperienced or inadequately trained laser specialists.

Your Laser Skin Care Specialist

Through our holistic approach to skincare, we take the time to ensure that all of our client’s concerns are addressed. When you leave Le Parlour NYC Laser spa, you will feel confident in knowing that you have received the best skincare of any medispa NYC has to offer. In the ever-evolving laser skin industry, we are proud to be one of the few women-owned, black-owned laser spas in NYC, and we take great pride in our ability to treat women and men of all skin tones.

We look forward to having you in and beginning your journey to beautiful clear skin. Self–care is essential for our health and well-being.

Schedule your free consultation today and start your journey of lasting laser treatments and smooth, flawless skin!

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