Woman with acne scars

Acne and Acne Scarring

Oct 28, 2022

We provide acne and acne scarring treatments using our ADVATx® device and laser treatments.

Younger female model leaning back to back with an older female model

Aging Skin

Oct 28, 2022

We offer aging skin treatments in the form of LED Light Therapy and ADVATx Skin Resurfacing.

Woman with collagen loss

Collagen Loss

Oct 28, 2022

We offer ADVATx Skin Resurfacing, LED Light Therapy, and other options for collagen loss.

Woman holding up an magnifying glass to her face

Enlarged Pores

Oct 28, 2022

We offer ADVATx®, LED, and laser facial treatments for enlarged pores and other issues.

Older woman touching the fine lines and wrinkles on her face

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Oct 28, 2022

Getting rid of wrinkles and feeling refreshed has just gotten easier at Le Parlour!

Woman with hyperpigmentation on her face


Oct 28, 2022

We provide hyperpigmentation treatments in the form of microdermabrasion and LED Laser Therapy.

Spider veins on a woman's legs

Spider Veins

Oct 28, 2022

We offer laser vein removal to treat spider veins on the face and body.

Stretch marks on a woman's body

Stretch Marks

Oct 28, 2022

We offer ADVATx Skin Resurfacing and LED Light Therapy for stretch marks.

Sun spots and freckles on a man's back

Sun Spots + Discoloration

Oct 28, 2022

We provide microneedling and laser facials to remove sun spots.

Scar on a woman's shoulder

Surgical Scars

Oct 28, 2022

We offer ADVATx Skin Resurfacing and LED Light Therapy for the treatment of surgical scars.

Happy woman with hairless armpits

Unwanted Hair

Oct 28, 2022

Our award-winning laser hair removal treatments eliminate unwanted hair and leave skin spotless.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation Specialist - Le Parlour

Le Parlour is the ultimate destination for achieving beautiful and youthful-looking skin! We're a team of certified aestheticians specializing in personalized laser skin rejuvenation and laser hair removal treatments in New York City.

We know your skin is unique, so we offer customized treatments to address your needs. Our aestheticians take the time to understand your skin concerns and recommend the best treatment options to help you achieve your desired results. At Le Parlour, luxury and results go hand in hand. Our private suite setting is designed to provide a relaxing and comfortable environment for you to unwind and indulge in our advanced treatments. In addition, our cutting-edge laser technology delivers unparalleled results, ensuring that you leave our salon feeling confident and beautiful.

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Woman with great skin


Experience smoother, spotless skin with the best Flatiron has to offer. Get in touch with our experts at Le Parlour to learn about our treatment options. Schedule below or give us a call by dialing (347) 387-7195.

    Woman with great skin
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