How To Make Your Laser Treatments Last?

How To Make Your Laser Treatments Last?

How To Make Your Laser Treatments Last?

At Le Parlour, we offer a wide variety of services. Our most popular services include  laser hair removal for men and womenlaser facials, laser acne care, and laser pigmentation treatment. Laser treatments are undeniably the quickest and relatively easiest way to radiant, healthy, and hair-free skin.

Patients are so happy with their laser treatment that we often get asked the question, “how can I make my laser treatment last?”

Considering the investment of time, money, and exceptional results, it is understandable that you want your laser treatment to last as long as possible.

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Through extensive experience, we have identified several key ways to make your laser treatments last longer. Keep reading for all our intel on making your treatments last longer organized by skin treatments and laser hair removal. 

*Keep in mind that results will always vary depending on your skin type, treatment type, treatment area, and maintenance. Darker skin tones are also affected differently. See here for our blog detailing everything you need to know about dark skin and laser hair removal treatments specifically.

Laser Skin

Make sure your skin is healthy

Before diving into practical steps to maintaining your laser treatment’s longevity, it is important to first touch on the importance of healthy skin and how your skin’s health impacts your treatments. If your skin is unhealthy, this will negatively affect the quality and lasting effects of laser skin sessions. Healthy skin provides the best results. But what does it mean to have healthy skin? Simply put, healthy skin looks and feels smooth. It has texture, but the texture is consistent everywhere (i.e., no irritation, excessive blemishes, or spots).

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Get regular facials

Experts recommend that you get regular facials at least every 5-6 weeks with a professional. Note that before seeing anyone for facials, make sure the esthetician you are considering is experienced and uses products specifically made for your skin type.

Generally, a facial will begin with cleansing to open your pores to get out the blackheads and dirt, followed by a scrub and mask, ending with hydration and a moisturizer. We also advise that you check out recommendations from friends or family before working with an esthetician.

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Invest in LED light therapy treatment

For added professional skincare, try LED light therapy treatment. Not the light treatment offered at home. The professional LED light is much more effective and should be administered by a professional. 

Besides regular facials and LED light therapy treatment, you will want to make sure your skin is hydrated and that you are wearing SPF 30 daily to maximize your laser treatment results.

Stick to a skincare routine

Stick to a skin regiment at home. Make sure to cleanse, tone and moisturize.

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If you are receiving Botox and filler treatments make sure to let your laser technician knows so she can schedule your appointments accordingly. Again, laser treatment will give you the healthy surface needed to enhance your Botox and Juvederm. Healthy skin looks better on everyone and helps make Botox and Juvederm last longer!

To recap, healthy skin is the key to making your laser treatments last. Even if you can’t invest in light therapy or regular facials, make sure you have a regular at-home skincare regime. We also recommend laser series once a year.

*See our post here for more information on how to achieve healthy skin.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is often the solution for anyone tired of shaving and waxing unwanted hairs as it is the best option for permanent hair removal. Other hair removal methods tend to be more painful, lead to skin irritation, and don’t last.

In this process of laser hair removal, your hair will adapt a slow growth and for some eventually no growth at all.

This is the nature of the hair growth cycle. However, in our experience, hairs will grow back finer, less coarse, and more sparsely than before the laser hair removal.

Prep your skin before treatment.

To ensure your laser hair removal treatment is effective, you will need to properly prep the treatment area by shaving your hair. This allows the laser beam to target your hair follicle more quickly through your skin pigment.

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Wear SPF

Additionally, you will want to avoid sun exposure before, during, and for the months following your sessions. If you can’t avoid sun exposure, always wear a broad spectrum SPF of at least 30 as recommended by dermatologists.

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Further, the number of treatments you need will be recommended by your technician, and results will vary. Many factors impact results, such as the type of laser technology used (some lasers are not as effective and are cheaper machines, requiring you to come in more often), the patient’s hair type, hair color, skin type, and skin color. Each of these factors can determine the number of treatments needed for optimal hair reduction results.

Don’t skip your touch-ups

Generally, three months after your last laser hair removal treatment, you will need to go back one more time for what is called a touch-up. A touch-up is a preventive measure to prevent hair follicle growth.

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The good news is that following your 3-month touch-up, you will be in the position only to have a singular treatment annually to preserve the time and money spent. Note that people who take this preventative measure never have to come in again and say that the hair never grew back!

Laser hair removal is not only a more permanent solution. It saves time and money. It is efficient and effective if you make sure to put the effort in and never miss any required touch-ups.

Le Parlour NYC Laser Spa

There is a lot of information on the internet regarding the laser process and how to make your laser treatments last. Before undergoing any type of procedure, do your research. Find a practitioner who has treated patients of all skin types, skin colors and understands the hair growth cycle. Your practitioner should also be certified through a credible school.

With the right practitioner, laser device, and knowledge on properly prepping your skin before and after your laser session(s), your laser treatment will last significantly longer than it usually would. 

As experts in the industry with countless years invested in our craft, Le Parlour NYC Laser Spas’ goal is and has always been to help our clients attain beautiful and healthy skin. Schedule your free consultation today and start your journey of lasting laser treatments and smooth, flawless skin! 

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