Answers to Common Laser Hair Removal Questions

Answers to Common Laser Hair Removal Questions

Answers to Common Laser Hair Removal Questions

Every year as we gear up for summer and warmer weather, we receive an influx of questions surrounding the laser hair removal process.

As the number of individuals that are looking for a long-lasting solution to body hair removal continues to grow, so does the popularity of laser hair removal treatment. 

If you happen to be one of these individuals but are unsure where to begin the process, you are not alone! Keep scrolling for a list of answers to the most frequently asked laser hair removal questions that we receive.

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Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

This question is by far the most asked question that we receive from potential clients and is difficult to answer as everyone’s pain threshold varies. However, most patients describe the sensation experienced during laser hair removal treatment as tolerable and comparable to tiny pinches.

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Laser hair removal treatments are described as hurting significantly less than waxing, threading, or plucking hair follicles. Although not a comfortable sensation, it is not considered an extreme discomfort for most patients.

Again, it depends on your pain tolerance and the area in which you are receiving the treatment (i.e., bikini lines tend to be more sensitive than other treatment areas like legs). 

Note that the advancements in technology and laser hair removal devices are also more pain-free than ever before. If pain during treatment is a deterrent for you, we offer numbing creams and lasers that are equipped with cooling tanks, allowing for a pain-free laser hair removal process. 

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How Many Treatments Will I Need? 

To answer this question, we will need to dig a little deeper into how the laser treatment process works. We stated above that the process works by targeting the laser light into the hair follicle in its active growth stage and destroying the root. We also want to emphasize that the laser beam will only work on hair follicles in the active stage of hair growth.


If you are unfamiliar with hair growth stages, don’t worry, it is relatively simple. 

There are three stages of hair growth. 

During the first stage, your hair is actively growing.

In the second, your hair is in the transitional phase where it is no longer growing and instead is detaching from the hair follicle base. 

In the last stage, your hair is in the resting stage and will fall out. The cycle repeats this way over and over unless disrupted. 

Now that we have a better understanding of the hair growth process, we can dive into how many treatments you will need to experience the full and long-term effects of laser hair removal. Because each hair follicle in your body can be at a different stage of growth, and we can only target the hair follicles in the “active” stage of development, most people will need at least four and up to 8 treatments.

This can vary depending on skin types, hair types, and how good you are with sticking to your scheduled treatments.

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The number of treatments you will need will depend largely on how consistently you are receiving laser hair removal treatments.

It Is Imperative That You Laser On Time And Don’t Miss A Growth Cycle Window.

We recommend a laser treatment every four weeks if you have lighter skin and 5-6 weeks if you have darker skin. Missing a growth cycle can delay your treatment results, so make sure you are sticking to your schedule! 

We also recommend that you come back in for a final touch-up three months after completing your last laser hair removal treatment for the best results. However, after this touch-up, you will only need one treatment per year to preserve the time and money spent. People who do this never have to come in again saying that the hair grew back!

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*Skin color an important factor to discuss with your practitioner before undergoing treatment. Darker skin tones are more sensitive to laser devices. See here for our blog post that details everything you need to know about laser hair removal if you have dark skin.

What Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

We dig into this question in depth in our blog post Cost Of Laser Hair Removal: Is it worth it? However, because it is such a frequently asked question regarding laser hair removal, we wanted to touch on it in this post lightly. 

The laser hair removal price varies based on your state (if located in the United States), the salon, and the desired treatment area’s size. Typically, the laser hair removal cost is based on the area’s size (i.e., bikini line will be less expensive than legs because it’s a smaller area). Most clinics will also offer bundles or packages to make the treatment more affordable.

Although the pricing can seem intimidating, it is essential to consider that laser hair removal is a more cost-effective way of permanently getting rid of unwanted body hair in the long-term. 

You will spend less time than you would on waxing or threading because, unlike these efforts, laser hair removal leads to permanent hair reduction.

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You will also save time and money by no longer having to purchase razors, shaving creams, or other devices. 

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Think of laser hair removal as an investment in yourself and consider the time you will save from having to continuously wax, thread, tweeze or shave unwanted body hair.

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For more details on Le Parlour NYC Laser Spa’s pricing, see HERE

How do I care for the treated area?

Suppose you have already started the process of laser hair removal treatment, then congratulations!

We hope that you see amazing results. After treatments, we recommend that you avoid sun exposure, use SPF of at least 30 (dermatologist recommended), and any heat or inducing activity to eliminate any risk.

Important to note that the first set of hair growth after initial treatment will consist of dead hairs, you do not want to shave these off. You will want to do a light scrub instead to take off the first set of hair growth. Hair growth time is different from person to person. 

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No scrubbing, peels, or products on the skin for the first 3 days.

The second set of hair growth you see is real hair growth coming back. You are recommended to shave it, especially before your next treatment. 

For face after-care, you should avoid the use of products the day of treatment. You are recommended to only wash your face with cool water and can resume your normal face routine the following day.

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We also recommend that you purchase a clear aloe gel to place only on the irritated areas if necessary. 

For added benefit, place the aloe in the fridge before use. The aloe will provide a cooling sensation to the treated area and will help to eliminate any irritation. Other than that, enjoy!

If we didn’t cover a question that you may have, reach out to us an schedule a free consultation. We would love to go over any laser hair removal questions that you may have in detail! 

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